aldoiaa Arkitekter AB ” is an office for interior design – architecture and project management based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founded in 2013, all partners and the founder have long and international experience in residential and commercial projects.

Our objective is to translate our client’s needs, both small and large budgets, to architectural solutions by combining the aspects of light, space and materials.

Our specialty is to create or to transform your interior, completely or partially, responding to your wishes.

Typically we run all projects from first idea to final step and have extensive skills in bespoke carpentry and furniture, interior objects and furnishing sourcing, lighting, negotiations with contractors and construction project management.

aldoiaa rethinks interiors focusing on three values:

1. Empathy

We believe our role is to begin with understanding what you want, and then translating it into an executable and optimized project.

2. Haute-Couture

We believe each project is unique and should not rely on ready-made solutions but on good use of experience and tailored projects.

3. Holism

We believe the role of an architect is to have a holistic approach of a project, from imagining to conceptualizing to organizing to project managing to quality checking.

So you receive at the end of the project what you were promised at the start.

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